DIY Soap

Over 2,000 pounds of left over soap  is thrown away every year in the USA. It is $4 billion dollars in 6 years.oatmeal soap2

Here is the way to save the planet, be creative and have fun.

What you need:
• soap left overs
• heavy cream, water, green tea
• paper plate
• butter knife
• mold
• oats ( optional)
• essential oils (optional)
• vitamin E (optional)

What you do:
• Collect all of your little pieces of soap. These are usually the ones that have become small.
• Gather all of the mutant soaps and put them on a paper plate. Get your knife  and cut all of the soap into tiny pieces. The smaller the better usually.
• In a double boiler, heat the liquid you chose (milk, water, tea, etc.) to 170ºF-180ºF (76ºC-82ºC). The water must be warm, not boiling.
• Add the chopped soap while stirring slowly and constantly.
• Reduce the heat so that the liquid/grated soap come to a simmer.
• Stir slowly (but not constantly), until the grated soap turns into liquid.
• Add additives if you want. This is not required but might be something you’d like to do to improve the final soap. Additives would include such items as exfoliating items (for example, oat flakes, lavender flowers, etc.), essential oils, food coloring and so forth. If adding, stir them in well.
• Immediately pour the mixture into the mold(s) and let it cool.

Soap Making Tips.

Bok Choy Roses

What you need:Bok Choy Roses
• Canvas
• Paint
• Bok Choy
• Cutting board
• Knife
•  Brush

What you do:
• Using the knife, cut off the bottom of the bok choy.
• The bok choy leaves  can be saved to make a dinner. (The closer to the bottom you cut, the tighter the “rose petals” will be.)
• Paint the back ground.
• Let it dry.
• Use the  brush to apply a light coating of paint to the cut side of the bok choy.
• Use this as a stamp to make roses on the canvas.
• Use green paint and the paint brush to make rose stems and leaves.
• When finished, wash off the paint from the bok choy and compost it.
• Let you artwork dry.
• Display!

Soda Can Angels

What you need:soda can angels
• Soda cans
• Acrylic paint
• Coffee filters
• Tacky glue
• Scissors
• Pipe cleaner
• Tape

What you do:
•Pull off the tab of the can.
• Using a skin color acrylic paint , paint the top of the can.
• Color the can any color you like.
• Let it dry.
• Carefully push down on the middle of the can so the top faces you.
•Use coffee filter  to make  the wings and tape them to the back of your angel.
• Use pipe cleaner  to make a halo. Glue it to the can.

DIY Windmill

What you need:DIY Windmill
• Cream carton
• Paint
• Brush
• Paper or card stock
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Pencil with eraser
• Push pin
• Ruller

What you do:
• Paint the cream carton brown.
• Let it dry.
• Cut two rectangles out of the card stock for the roof.
• Glue the roof to the top of the carton.
• Let it dry.
• Cut a square from paper or card stock.
•  Find the center of the square and mark it with your pencil.
• Lay your paper, and use your ruler to draw diagonal lines from each corner to make an “X”.
• Cut along those diagonal lines, from all four corners, stopping one inch before you meet the center of your paper.
• Bring every other corner to the center and stick the pin through the center of your paper.
•  Attach your paper pinwheel to the windmill.

DIY Sailboat

What you need:DIY Sailboat
• 1 plastic bottle
• 1 drinking straw
• pencil
• scissors
• acrylic paint
• brush
• air dry modeling clay
• duct tape
• 2 screw eyes
• construction paper
• jute
• double sided tape

What you do:
• Mark and cut the cockpit hole in the bottle.
• Cover the edges with the duct tape.
• Color the sailboat with the acrylic paint.
• Let it dry.
• Put a piece of  clay into the boat.
• Fix the straw in the clay.
• Cut the sail out of the construction paper.
• Attach the sail to the straw with the double sided tape.
• Put the screw eye into the top of the straw and attach it with some clay.
• Poke a hole in the lid of the bottle.
• Insert a screw eye.
• Tie the jute to the screw eyes.
• You are ready for sailing.

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What you need:DIY Octopus
• 1 Sock
• String
• Stuffing
• Fabric Paint
• Brush
• Scissors

What you do:
• Fill  the toe of your sock with stuffing to create your octopus’ head.
• Tie off and secure the head with a string.
• Cut the end of the sock, almost all the way up to the head, to make eight tentacles.
• Paint the eyes and the mouth of your octopus.

Jute Wrapped Bottle

What you need:
• Glass Bottle
• Jute
• White Glue
• Scissors

What you do:
• Get the paper off the bottles by placing them in a tub of water. Wait about 20-30 minutes and the paper will scrape right off. Make sure the bottles are completely dry before starting.
• Start at the bottom of the bottle and place about an inch of super glue across the bottom edge.
• Wrap the jute around the bottom edge of the bottle placing a strip of glue every few inches.
• When you have about two or three strands of jute wrapped around the bottle, you can start using the Elmer’s glue.
• Continue wrapping until you get up to the neck of the bottle.
• Get to the top of the bottle and make sure you super glue the tip of the jute to the bottle so it doesn’t fray and come off.
• Go back through and see if any little spaces need an extra dab of glue.

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DIY Castle

What you need:
• Cardboard box
• 6 Toilet paper rolls
• 4 Straws
• Tacky Glue
• Construction paper, green and orange
• Markers

What you do:
• Remove flaps from box and cut small rectangles from the top of each side to make castle battlement.
• Evenly centre the toilet paper rolls on each box corner and mark where the box and tube meet.
• Cut in about 1 in. along the marked lines and slide the tubes onto the corners of the box.
• Cut triangles from orange construction paper and secure to end of straws with tacky glue. Attach the straws to the inside of the tubes with the tacky glue.
• Cut out  the door of the castle.
• Draw the windows of the castle and the crest.
• Cut 2 shapes from  sheet of  green construction  paper that resemble tops of trees.
• Cut two 1 in. slits into top of toilet roll, directly opposite each other.
• Slip paper shapes into top of toilet roll.
• Enjoy your castle.

Christmas Tree

What you need:
• Old Magazine
• Glitter

What you do:
• Open magazine and bend to break spine.
• Fold individual page from top right corner to inside seam. Fold same page from bottom right edge to gutter.
• Fold bottom triangle of each additional magazine page up, making the bottom of the tree flat.
• Sprinkle glitter over the tree.
• Let it dry.
• Display

Columbus Ship

What you need:
• 2 milk cartons
• 2 straws
• play dough
• black and white construction paper
• double sided tape
• scissors
• glue
• crayons

What you do:
• Tape a piece of black construction paper about ½ way up the milk carton.
• Tape black construction paper all the way up the back of the milk carton, leaving about 1 inch sticking over the carton.
• Tape white construction paper over the rest of the carton.
• Glue two chunks of play dough into the center of the ship.
• Cut two to three inch piece off the bottom of the second milk carton.
• Tape it onto the ship. (Covering the play dough).
• Poke two holes in it right above the play dough chunks.
• Stick two straws through the holes you poked in the top carton.
• Cut out two rectangle pieces out of the white construction paper.
• Poke two holes in each rectangle with scissors and thread onto the straws ass masts.
• Draw windows and a door with crayons.
• You are ready for a voyage!

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Piggy Bank

What you need:
• One balloon
• A lot of old newspaper
• A paper egg carton
• Masking tape
Papier Mache Paste
• Pink, black and white paint
• Cards stock
• Brush
• A craft knife

What you do:
• Blow up a balloon
• Separate 5 paper egg carton sections (one for each leg and the snout).
• Use the masking tape to attach them to the oval-shaped body.
• Cut a couple of ears out of the card stock.
• Use the masking tape to attach them to the body.
• Tear a lot of strips of newspaper. Strips should be about 1 inch or less wide.
• Dip each strip of paper in the papier mache paste and wrap around the balloon.
• Have at least two to three layers surrounding the balloon.
• Let the papier-mâché balloon dry for a few days.
• When it is dry, you can pop and remove the balloon from the inside.
• Paint the pig.
• Paint the pigs eyes and nostrils.
• Along the top of the pig’s body, carefully cut a slot large enough to fit any coin.

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Papier Mache Paste

What you need:
• Water
• Flour

What you do:
• Boil 5 cups of water in a saucepan.
• In a bowl, mix 1/4 cup of sieved flour with a cup of cold water.
• Mix to a smooth consistency .
• When completely free of lumps, add the mixture to the water in the saucepan.
• Gently boil, stirring constantly for two or three minutes until the mixture thickens.
• Allow to cool before using.

This will make a runny glue. If you prefer a very thick glue (or if you are in a hurry for it to dry) use this recipe

Thick flour and water glue:
Use 1 whole cup of flour to three cups of water. Make using the same method as above.

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