DIY Hedgehog

What you need:DIY Hedgehog
• Old paperback books
• Pompom
• Googly eyes
• Glue

What you do:
• Remove the front and back cover from the book.
• Starting on the first page, fold the page in half inward.
• Fold the corners of each page inward.
•  Repeat these folds on each page, but after the first page, make the folds toward the front cover, this holds the first folds in and keeps them from unfolding.
• Glue googly eyes.
• Glue a pompom for the nose.

Note: Makes a great pencil holder.

Glitter Ornaments

What you need:Glitter Ornament
• Clear Glass Ornament
• Glitter
• Floor Wax

What you do:
• Pour a little bit into the ornament, and swirl it around.
• Pour the excess back into the bottle.
• Pour in your glitter and swirl it around the same way as you did with the floor cleaner.
• Let it dry for a little while before putting the cap back on.
• Display.

Stencil Snowflakes

What you need:Stencil Snowflakes
Paper snowflakes
• Spray bottle with water
• Sponge
• White toothpaste
• Bowl

What you do:
• Spray the window or mirror with water.
• Attach the paper snowflakes to the surface.
• In the bowl mix toothpaste with a little bit of water (the mixture should be about the consistency of sour cream).
• With the sponge, apply the toothpaste mixture to the paper snowflake and the glass around it.
• Apply the toothpaste mixture using an up-and-down dabbing motion.
• Let it dry a little.
• Pull the paper snowflake straight off the glass.
• Let the “paint” dry.

Tip: Easily removed with warm water.

Framed Pine Cones

What you need:Pinecone Art
• Pine cones
• Tacky glue
• Ribbon
• Frame
• Scissors

What you do:
•  With the  frame on the table, arrange your pine cones and stagger the height.
• Measure how much ribbon you’ll need to reach the frame and then add 2″. cut a piece of ribbon for each pine cone.
• Glue one end of each strip of ribbon to a pine cone.
• Flip frame over so that the back of the frame is up.
• Make sure all pine cones are in place and place the ribbon under the frame.
• Run a small strip of tacky glue along the back of the frame where each end of the ribbon wraps around.
• Fold the ribbon ends over the adhesive and display!

Soda Can Angels

What you need:soda can angels
• Soda cans
• Acrylic paint
• Coffee filters
• Tacky glue
• Scissors
• Pipe cleaner
• Tape

What you do:
•Pull off the tab of the can.
• Using a skin color acrylic paint , paint the top of the can.
• Color the can any color you like.
• Let it dry.
• Carefully push down on the middle of the can so the top faces you.
•Use coffee filter  to make  the wings and tape them to the back of your angel.
• Use pipe cleaner  to make a halo. Glue it to the can.

Elf on the Shelf

What you need:Elf on the shelf
• Sock
• Jingle  Bell
• Googly eyes
• Tacky glue
• String
• Stuffing
• Ribbon
• A rubber band

What you do:
•  Fill  the toe of your sock with stuffing to create your elf’s body and head.
• Tie off and secure the body and with a string.
• Tie the top of the sock.
• Glue the  jingle bell to the tip of the sock.
• To form the elf’s nose, use your fingertips to grasp a small bunch of stuffing about halfway down from the top of the sock. Wrap a rubber band around the base of the bunch to secure it.
• Glue on the eyes.
• Decorate with a ribbon.

Winter Birds

What you need:Winter Birds
• Canvas
• Blue watercolor
• Brush
• Small branch
• Rocks
• Black sharpie
• Small pompoms
• Tacky glue

What you do:
• Color the canvas blue.
• Let it dry.
• Glue the branch to the canvas.
• Let it dry.
• Glue the rocks above the branch (these are going to be your birds).
• Let them dry.
• Draw the birds’ legs and the eyes with the sharpie.
• Glue the pompoms for snow.
• Display.

Native Americans

What you need:Native Americans
• canvas
• paints
• brush
• black sharpie

What you do:
•  Painting the palm area of the  hands a tan color leaving a strip at the top of the palm unpainted.
• Paint each finger a different color; these are the feathers.
• Press the handprint down.
• Let it dry.
• Using the sharpie, finish the Native Americans.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Take the stress out of the holiday season with  adorably festive craft ideas the whole family will love from Kids Creative Arts. See below for ways to make Thanksgiving twice as magical with half the effort.

Fall Button Branch

Fall button branch

Leaf Prints

Leaf Craft1

Leafy Creature

Leafy creature

“Handy” Wreath

Handy Thanksgiving

Tree Sculpture

Tree Sculpture

Autumn Tree

Autumn Tree Cover

T.P.R. Turkey

TPR Turkey

Turkey Craft

Turkey Craft

Leaf Prints

Leaf Prints

Leaf Preservation

Leaf preservation


 Pumpkin Lantern

Pumpkin Lantern Cover

DIY Tee Pee

DIY TeePee Cover

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Cover

Mayflower Craft

Mayflower Craft Cover

Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath cover

Leaf Candle

Leaf Candles cover

Native Americans

Native Americans cover

Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkin Vase Cover

Fall Wreath

What you need:Fall Wreath
• Sticky Glue
• Jute Twine
• Cardboard 9 1/2″ square or larger
• Fall Leaves
• Pencil
• Scissors

What you do:
• Cut a 9″ circle from cardboard.  In the center of this circle, cut out and discard a 5″ circle.  This is the form for your wreath.
• Spray a small patch of glue onto your wreath and wrap the jute twine around it very tightly a number of times.
• After wrapping the initial section of jute twine you can start wrapping it with spaces.
• Once you are a full way around the wreath just keep going, filling in the spaces and making sure you are pulling the jute twine tight the whole time until you don’t have any more foam peeking through.
• After you are finished wrapping all of your jute twine make a small knot on the side you want to be the back and spray a little sticky glue on it.
• Cut the jute twine right after the knot.
• Attach the leaves with the glue.
• Display.

Halloween Crafts

Trick or treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat…



Spider Web







PAPER PLATE BATpaper plate bat





SPIDERegg carton spider








Web candle

BLOODY CANDLEBloody candle


Pumpkin Vase

What you need:Pumpkin Vase
• Pumpkin
• Floral Foam
• Knife
• Plastic container
• Water
• Flowers, leaves, berries

What you do:
• Cut and scoop the pumpkin out.
• Place a cube of  floral foam inside the container, thinning it to fit.
• Press the foam down to make it level, and drench it with water (enough so that a small pool collects at the bottom of the container).
• Arrange seasonal flowers, dried leaves, and berries as desired.