Piggy Bank

What you need:
• One balloon
• A lot of old newspaper
• A paper egg carton
• Masking tape
Papier Mache Paste
• Pink, black and white paint
• Cards stock
• Brush
• A craft knife

What you do:
• Blow up a balloon
• Separate 5 paper egg carton sections (one for each leg and the snout).
• Use the masking tape to attach them to the oval-shaped body.
• Cut a couple of ears out of the card stock.
• Use the masking tape to attach them to the body.
• Tear a lot of strips of newspaper. Strips should be about 1 inch or less wide.
• Dip each strip of paper in the papier mache paste and wrap around the balloon.
• Have at least two to three layers surrounding the balloon.
• Let the papier-mâché balloon dry for a few days.
• When it is dry, you can pop and remove the balloon from the inside.
• Paint the pig.
• Paint the pigs eyes and nostrils.
• Along the top of the pig’s body, carefully cut a slot large enough to fit any coin.

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