Paper Ladybug

What you need:paper ladybug
• Construction paper
• Black marker
• Scissors

What you do:
paper ladybug2paper ladybug1

Paper Boat

What you need:
• Paper

What you do:

paper boat

DIY Hedgehog

What you need:DIY Hedgehog
• Old paperback books
• Pompom
• Googly eyes
• Glue

What you do:
• Remove the front and back cover from the book.
• Starting on the first page, fold the page in half inward.
• Fold the corners of each page inward.
•  Repeat these folds on each page, but after the first page, make the folds toward the front cover, this holds the first folds in and keeps them from unfolding.
• Glue googly eyes.
• Glue a pompom for the nose.

Note: Makes a great pencil holder.

Stencil Snowflakes

What you need:Stencil Snowflakes
Paper snowflakes
• Spray bottle with water
• Sponge
• White toothpaste
• Bowl

What you do:
• Spray the window or mirror with water.
• Attach the paper snowflakes to the surface.
• In the bowl mix toothpaste with a little bit of water (the mixture should be about the consistency of sour cream).
• With the sponge, apply the toothpaste mixture to the paper snowflake and the glass around it.
• Apply the toothpaste mixture using an up-and-down dabbing motion.
• Let it dry a little.
• Pull the paper snowflake straight off the glass.
• Let the “paint” dry.

Tip: Easily removed with warm water.

Spider Web

What you need:Spider Web
• Paper plate
• Black acrylic paint
• White yarn
•  Scissors
• Tape
• Hole Puncher

What you do:
•  Cut out the center of the paper plate.
• Paint the ring.
• Let  it dry.
•  Punch holes around the ring.
• Starting at the top, leave 3 inches for hanging, then string holes around the ring, crossing the yarn.
• Put the spider in the web.
•  Hang the spider web.

Paper Plate Ghost

What you need:PP Ghost
• White paper plate
• Tissue paper
• Tape
• Glue
• Sharpie

What you do:
• Glue or tape strands of the white streamer to the bottom of the back of the same paper plate.
• Create the face of the ghost.

DIY Poppies

What you need:DIY Poppies
• 2  coffee filters
• red paint
• paintbrush
•  scissors
• 1 green pipe cleaner
• 1 small one-inch piece of green pipe cleaner
• 1 medium black pom-pom
• white craft glue

What you do:

• Flatten the coffee filters and then paint them red. Let them dry.
• Layer both coffee filters and fold in half.
• Fold in half one again so it is only a quarter of a circle.
• Holding the folded filters at the point, cut both left and right corners off, rounding as you go.  When you open them they will resemble four leaf clovers.
• Place one filter on top of the other, offsetting so that you can see all eight bumps.
• Hold filters together and poke the chenille stem through the center of both filters.
• Leave about an inch poking through and bend it down to secure.
• Holding the “stem”, gather the bottom of the flower up into a cup shape and wrap the small piece of chenille stem around the bottom of the coffee filters. Tighten to secure.
• Open  the flower up and glue the pom-pom to the center. Allow glue to dry completely.
• Gently gather and scrunch the flower in your hand, then release.


Bird Nest

What you need:Bird Nest
• Paper bag
• Scissors

What you do:
• Cut lunch bag into half inch strips.
• Twist the bag strips.
• Tie every bag strip into knots and then tie them together.

Chinese Lantern

What you need:
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Crayons, markers
• Stapler or tape

What you do:
• Use the ruler and make a straight line about 3/4″ away from one of the 6.5″ long edges.
• Cut this strip off and set it aside to be the lantern handle.
• Fold the piece of paper in half, lengthwise, making sure you line up all the edges.
• Draw a line along the open, long edge, of the paper, about 3/4″ of an inch from the edge.
• Take your scissors and, starting at the folded edge, cut a strip from the folded edge up to the line you drew.
• Make the first strip about 3/4″ away from one of the short edges and continue to cut several strips along the piece of paper.
• Once all your strips are cut, you should unfold your piece of paper and refold it lenghthwise so the pencil mark will be hidden on the inside.
• Color or embellish the outside of the lantern.
• To assemble the lantern simply roll the paper into a tube shape as shown in the photo above and staple or tape the edges together.
• Using the strip you cut of the paper earlier, attach the handle by taping or stapling the ends of the strip of the paper just inside the top of the lantern.
• Your completed lanterns can be hung up or set on a table for decoration.

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DIY Tee Pee

What you need:
• Paper plate
• Scissors
• Stapler
• Markers

What you do:
• Cut the paper plate in half.
• Make a cone out of one half.
• Staple the sides together.
• Cut a vertical slit 2/3 of the length of the tee pee.
• Fold flaps up.
• Decorate your tee pee.

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DIY Castle

What you need:
• Cardboard box
• 6 Toilet paper rolls
• 4 Straws
• Tacky Glue
• Construction paper, green and orange
• Markers

What you do:
• Remove flaps from box and cut small rectangles from the top of each side to make castle battlement.
• Evenly centre the toilet paper rolls on each box corner and mark where the box and tube meet.
• Cut in about 1 in. along the marked lines and slide the tubes onto the corners of the box.
• Cut triangles from orange construction paper and secure to end of straws with tacky glue. Attach the straws to the inside of the tubes with the tacky glue.
• Cut out  the door of the castle.
• Draw the windows of the castle and the crest.
• Cut 2 shapes from  sheet of  green construction  paper that resemble tops of trees.
• Cut two 1 in. slits into top of toilet roll, directly opposite each other.
• Slip paper shapes into top of toilet roll.
• Enjoy your castle.

Silhouette Picture

What you need:
• Paper (white and black)
• Tape
• Flashlight or lamp
• Scissors
• Glue

What you do:
• Tape a large piece of black paper to the wall.
• Have the child stand or sit sideways next to the paper.
• Darken the room and shine the flashlight or lamp (without a lamp shade) on them so their profile is shadowed on the paper.
• Trace the shadow.
• Cut out the profile and glue it on white piece of paper.
• Display


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