Egg Art

What you need:Egg Art1
• Emptied eggshells
• Paint
• Canvas

What you do:
•F ill the eggs with paint.
• Toss the eggs to the canvas.
• Let the masterpiece dry.
• Display.

Painting Peony


Bok Choy Roses

What you need:Bok Choy Roses
• Canvas
• Paint
• Bok Choy
• Cutting board
• Knife
•  Brush

What you do:
• Using the knife, cut off the bottom of the bok choy.
• The bok choy leaves  can be saved to make a dinner. (The closer to the bottom you cut, the tighter the “rose petals” will be.)
• Paint the back ground.
• Let it dry.
• Use the  brush to apply a light coating of paint to the cut side of the bok choy.
• Use this as a stamp to make roses on the canvas.
• Use green paint and the paint brush to make rose stems and leaves.
• When finished, wash off the paint from the bok choy and compost it.
• Let you artwork dry.
• Display!

Flower Art

What you need:Flower Art
• Canvas
• Watercolor
• Drinking straw
• Brush
• Water

What you do:
• Create a light wash by mixing water with one base color.
• Paint the entire surface of the  canvas with the color; let dry.
• To make flower stems, use a thin brush to paint a single line of light green watercolor paint.
• When the light green is almost dry, highlight it with a line of darker green; let dry.
• To create the flowers, place a nickel-size puddle of watercolor paint in a light tone onto the canvas at the top of one stem.
• Hold a straw vertically, straight over the top of the puddle.
• Blow into the straw to spread the paint into a sunburst pattern and let it dry.
• Repeat the process with a deeper, more saturated tone of the same color and let it dry again.
• Display.

Coffee Art

What you need:Coffee Art
• Watercolor paper
• Brown pencil
• Instant coffee
• Water
• Brush

What you do:
• Draw a picture with the brown pencil.
• Mix instant coffee with water to the yogurt consistency.
• Color the paper with coffee, add some water to make a nice light wash.
• Let it dry.
• Paint,  you can make the color lighter by adding some water to coffee, or darker by using stronger coffee.

Tulip Art

What you need:Tulip art
• construction paper
• water color
• scissors
• plastic wrap
• ribbon
• scissors

What you do:
• Paint the hand in the color you want your tulips to be.
• Press the hand down onto the sheet of construction paper to make tulips.
•  Using the paintbrush make the stems and the leaves of the tulips.
•  Let the flowers dry.
• Using scissors, cut 2 vertical  slits on the bottom of the paper.
• Put the ribbon through the slits, in the back of the paper.
• Put the plastic wrap on the bottom of the picture and tight the ribbon around it to make a bouquet.


Watercolor Magic

What you need:Watercolor magic
• Digital photo
• Lightweight watercolor paper or card stock
• Laser printer
• Watercolors
• Brush

What you do:
• Convert a digital photo to black and white, then print it on lightweight watercolor paper or cardstock.
•  Tint your favorite details from the image with watercolor paints  using a soft watercolor brush.
• Leave the remainder of the photo black and white, and allow it to dry at least three hours.
• If the first wash of color isn’t bright enough, apply a second coat.
• Let dry completely before framing.

Foil Panting

What you need:Foil Painting
• Canvas
• Aluminum foil
• Dish soap
• Acrylic paint
• Brushes

What you do:
• Wrap the foil around the canvas.
• Mix dish soap with acrylic paint (that helps paint to stick to the foil better).
• Paint.
• Let it dry.

Abstract Art

What you need:Abstract Painting
•  Paint (Use colors that mix well together such as blues and reds, yellows and reds, yellows and blues, browns and yellows, etc.)
• Canvas
• Paintbrush
• Water container
• Newspaper

 What you do:
• Start with 1 large white blob in the middle.
• Then randomly apply small blobs of colors all over the canvas.( Make sure to add a lot more white in places too, this will create depth and dimension in your colors).
• Dip your brush in some water and start moving some of the white paint in the middle towards one of your colors.
• Move the paint around and get used to how it blends.
• Start moving into your next color.
• Try to wash your brush every now and then in between every 2 or 3 colors.
• Once your painting is done,  let it dry.

Watercolor Eggs

What you need:Watercolor eggs1
• 2 Sheets of white paper
• Watercolors
• Brush
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Glue

What you do:
• Paint one of the sheets of paper with watercolors.
• Let it dry.
• On the back of the paper draw egg shapes.
• Cut the eggs out.
• Glue the watercolor eggs to the second sheet of paper.
• Display.

Modern Art

What you need:
• Canvas
• Painter’s Tape
• Acrylic Paint
• Brush
• Scissors

What you do:
• Take the painter’s tape and create designs and shapes by attaching stripes of tape from one end of the canvas to the other. Make sure to rub the tape onto the canvas to really secure so that the paint doesn’t bleed under the tape strips.
•  Pick out 3-4 contrasting colors of paint.
• Fill each geometric shape created by the paint lines with your paint colors in a random pattern.
• Let your painting dry completely  before trying to peel off the tape.
• Once all of the paint is dry, slowly peel away the paint strips. If you need to, touch up any spots with the base color where the paint might have gotten under the tape.
• Display.

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Shadow Tracing

What you need:
• Canvas
• Oil Pastels
• Trees

What you do:
• Go outside on a sunny day.
• Find a tree.
• Trace the shadow on the canvas.
• Change position, then trace the shadow again.
• Make several tracings.
•Color the shadows.