Jute Wrapped Bottle

What you need:
• Glass Bottle
• Jute
• White Glue
• Scissors

What you do:
• Get the paper off the bottles by placing them in a tub of water. Wait about 20-30 minutes and the paper will scrape right off. Make sure the bottles are completely dry before starting.
• Start at the bottom of the bottle and place about an inch of super glue across the bottom edge.
• Wrap the jute around the bottom edge of the bottle placing a strip of glue every few inches.
• When you have about two or three strands of jute wrapped around the bottle, you can start using the Elmer’s glue.
• Continue wrapping until you get up to the neck of the bottle.
• Get to the top of the bottle and make sure you super glue the tip of the jute to the bottle so it doesn’t fray and come off.
• Go back through and see if any little spaces need an extra dab of glue.

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