DIY Castle

What you need:
• Cardboard box
• 6 Toilet paper rolls
• 4 Straws
• Tacky Glue
• Construction paper, green and orange
• Markers

What you do:
• Remove flaps from box and cut small rectangles from the top of each side to make castle battlement.
• Evenly centre the toilet paper rolls on each box corner and mark where the box and tube meet.
• Cut in about 1 in. along the marked lines and slide the tubes onto the corners of the box.
• Cut triangles from orange construction paper and secure to end of straws with tacky glue. Attach the straws to the inside of the tubes with the tacky glue.
• Cut out  the door of the castle.
• Draw the windows of the castle and the crest.
• Cut 2 shapes from  sheet of  green construction  paper that resemble tops of trees.
• Cut two 1 in. slits into top of toilet roll, directly opposite each other.
• Slip paper shapes into top of toilet roll.
• Enjoy your castle.

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