Columbus Ship

What you need:
• 2 milk cartons
• 2 straws
• play dough
• black and white construction paper
• double sided tape
• scissors
• glue
• crayons

What you do:
• Tape a piece of black construction paper about ½ way up the milk carton.
• Tape black construction paper all the way up the back of the milk carton, leaving about 1 inch sticking over the carton.
• Tape white construction paper over the rest of the carton.
• Glue two chunks of play dough into the center of the ship.
• Cut two to three inch piece off the bottom of the second milk carton.
• Tape it onto the ship. (Covering the play dough).
• Poke two holes in it right above the play dough chunks.
• Stick two straws through the holes you poked in the top carton.
• Cut out two rectangle pieces out of the white construction paper.
• Poke two holes in each rectangle with scissors and thread onto the straws ass masts.
• Draw windows and a door with crayons.
• You are ready for a voyage!

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