DIY Sailboat

What you need:DIY Sailboat
• 1 plastic bottle
• 1 drinking straw
• pencil
• scissors
• acrylic paint
• brush
• air dry modeling clay
• duct tape
• 2 screw eyes
• construction paper
• jute
• double sided tape

What you do:
• Mark and cut the cockpit hole in the bottle.
• Cover the edges with the duct tape.
• Color the sailboat with the acrylic paint.
• Let it dry.
• Put a piece of  clay into the boat.
• Fix the straw in the clay.
• Cut the sail out of the construction paper.
• Attach the sail to the straw with the double sided tape.
• Put the screw eye into the top of the straw and attach it with some clay.
• Poke a hole in the lid of the bottle.
• Insert a screw eye.
• Tie the jute to the screw eyes.
• You are ready for sailing.

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