Watercolor Mug

What you need:Watercolor mug
• Ceramic white coffee mug
• Old or Disposable Bowl/Container
• Hot water
• Nail Polish
• Gloves

What you do:
• Fill the bowl with warm water.
• Add a drop of nail polish to the water and let it spread out.
• Dip your mug in the water. (You can use nail polish remover to remove any excess nail polish on the bottom and inside of the mug or sections that got messed up.)
• Carefully pat mug dry with paper towel.
• You can repeat with additional colors if you want.
• Once you’ve achieved the look you want, let it sit for at least two hours.

Tip: Do it outside. Hand wash the mug.

Bird Art

What you need:Bird Art
• Paper
• Watercolor
• Sharpie

What you do:
• Draw the poles and the wires with a black sharpie.
• Dip a finger in the paint.
• Make finger prints in different colors on the wires.
• Draw the rest of the birds with the sharpie.

Crazy Love

What you need:Crazy Love 1
• Paper
• Black marker
• Watercolor
• Brush
• Straw

What you do:Crazy Love 2
• Draw the head of you figure, leaving enough space for the hair.
• Place a big drop of paint on the sheet with a brush.
• Take the straw and blow the paint towards the desired direction.
• Let it dry.
• Display.

Flower Art

What you need:Flower Art
• Canvas
• Watercolor
• Drinking straw
• Brush
• Water

What you do:
• Create a light wash by mixing water with one base color.
• Paint the entire surface of the  canvas with the color; let dry.
• To make flower stems, use a thin brush to paint a single line of light green watercolor paint.
• When the light green is almost dry, highlight it with a line of darker green; let dry.
• To create the flowers, place a nickel-size puddle of watercolor paint in a light tone onto the canvas at the top of one stem.
• Hold a straw vertically, straight over the top of the puddle.
• Blow into the straw to spread the paint into a sunburst pattern and let it dry.
• Repeat the process with a deeper, more saturated tone of the same color and let it dry again.
• Display.

Watercolor Magic

What you need:Watercolor magic
• Digital photo
• Lightweight watercolor paper or card stock
• Laser printer
• Watercolors
• Brush

What you do:
• Convert a digital photo to black and white, then print it on lightweight watercolor paper or cardstock.
•  Tint your favorite details from the image with watercolor paints  using a soft watercolor brush.
• Leave the remainder of the photo black and white, and allow it to dry at least three hours.
• If the first wash of color isn’t bright enough, apply a second coat.
• Let dry completely before framing.

Watercolor Eggs

What you need:Watercolor eggs1
• 2 Sheets of white paper
• Watercolors
• Brush
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Glue

What you do:
• Paint one of the sheets of paper with watercolors.
• Let it dry.
• On the back of the paper draw egg shapes.
• Cut the eggs out.
• Glue the watercolor eggs to the second sheet of paper.
• Display.

Butterfly Art

What you need:
• Paper
• Water Color
• Brush
•  Glue
• Small beads (colored)
• Scissors
• Tree branch (small)

What you do:
• Paint the paper with water color.
• Let it dry.
• Glue the tree branch.
• Glue the paper butterfly.
• Glue the beads on branches.

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Easy Ornaments

What you need:
• Watercolor
• Watercolor paper
• Brush
• Glue
• Scissors
• Ribbon, curly wire or ornament hook
• Cookie cutters
• All purpose glue
• Hole punch or needle

What you do:
• Spray down the paper with plain water.
• Paint large areas of color in random areas.
• Use the paintbrush to gently help the paint float together to make the colors touch without blending too much.
• Let it dry.
• Trace your favorite cookie cutters.
• Cut out the shapes.
• Put the front and the back pieces together. Glue.
• Use a hole punch or a needle to put a hole in the top.
• Put a loop of ribbon , a curly wire or a simple ornament hook in the hole to enable you to hang it .

Tip: These also make beautiful gift tags to make a package extra special.