Fizzing Easter Eggs

What you need:Fizzing Easter Eggs
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Food coloring
• Baking soda
• Vinegar
• Bowls
• Paintbrushes
• Tongs
• Newspaper or paper towels

What you do:
• Make a paste of baking soda and water and add a few drops of food coloring. Repeat in separate bowls with as many colors as you’d like.
• Using a paintbrush, apply the baking soda mixture to a hard-boiled egg (if the mixture is too thick and goopy, add more water, several drops at a time until it has thinned to the right consistency to spread easily).
• Once your egg is decorated the way you want it, set it in an empty bowl.
• Pour about ½ cup of vinegar directly over each egg and enjoy the colorful, fizzy reaction!
• Once the fizz has died down, use tongs to carefully fish your egg out of the liquid and set it on newspapers or a stack of paper towels to dry.
• Repeat with as many eggs as you like—you’ll find that the baking soda paint makes it easy to make more intricate designs on your egg than ordinary egg dye would!

What Happened:
A basic chemical reaction between the baking soda (which is a base) and the vinegar (an acid) is what caused all the fizzing and bubbling! The baking soda made a type of paint when you mixed it with water and food coloring. After the chemical reaction, the baking soda and vinegar were mostly used up, leaving the dye behind on the eggs.

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Easter Grass

About two weeks after planting, the seeds will grow into long blades of thick grass, perfect for hiding colorful Easter eggs.easter wheat

You can order packets of wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum) from online suppliers or find seeds at health food stores. With seeds in hand, here’s how to get started:

What you need:
• Wheatgrass seeds
• Container
• Potting soil

What you do:
• Soak seeds overnight before planting to speed germination.
• Fill a container with potting soil. If the container doesn’t have a drainage hole, cover the bottom with rocks to keep water away from roots.
• Drain seeds; sprinkle seeds on top of soil so seeds are fairly close together, but not on top of each other.
• Cover seeds with a thin (1/8”) layer of soil.
• Water seeds and keep soil moist.
• Once seeds begin to sprout (in about 1 week), move the container to a sunny window sill.
• Water daily or as needed to keep soil moist.

Egg Holder

What you need:egg holder
• Egg carton
• Scissors
• Paint
• Brush
• Feathers
• Glue

What you do:
• Cut out an egg carton section.
• Paint it in any color you wish.
• Let it dry.
• Paint one end of it orange or yellow for the beak.
• Glue feather to the opposite side of the section.
• Put a colored egg inside of the egg holder and enjoy!

Little Chick

What you need:Little Chick
• Styrofoam ball
• Yellow paint
• Googly eyes
• Feather
• Empty egg shell
• Brush
• Plasticine
• Glue
• Pipe cleaner
• Scissors

What you do:
• Paint the Styrofoam ball yellow.
• Let it dry.
• Glue the googly eyes to the ball.
• Glue the feather on top of the ball.
• Cut a small piece of the orange pipe cleaner and glue it to the front of the ball.
• Place  apiece of Plasticine on the bottom of the egg shell for stability.
• Put the little chick on top of the Plasticine.
• Display.

Broken Egg Vase

What you need:broken egg vase1
• 1 egg
• water
• Plasticine
• flowers
• ribbon

What you do:
• Break the top off your egg by tapping around the egg with a knife and then cracking the top off.
• Wash the egg and let it dry.
• Put a piece of Plasticine on the bottom of the eggshell to make it stable.
• Tie a ribbon around the broken egg vase.
• Half fill the egg with water.
• Cut your flowers extremely short and place inside the egg.
• Display.

Cracked Egg Candle

What you need:cracked egg candle1
• 1 egg
• 4 cups water
• 4 teaspoons of white vinegar
• food coloring
• tealight candle (without the metal wrapping)

What you do:
• Break the top off your egg by tapping around the egg with a knife and then cracking the top off.
• Tip the contents of the egg into a bowl and then carefully rinse the egg out with water.
• Put your water and vinegar into a bowl and then add enough food coloring to make the water a bright color.
• Carefully put your egg into the water and leave it in there until it turns the color you want.
• Remove your egg from the water and leave it to dry.
• Once you are sure your egg has completely dried, place your teacup candle inside the egg, making sure that the wick faces upwards.
• Put your egg inside an eggcup and carefully light the candle.
• Once the candle has burned for a few minutes, it will begin to mold into the shape of the egg and look even prettier.

DIY Hyacinthus

What you need:DIY Hyacinthus
• Paper
• Pencils
• Popcorn
• Tacky glue

What you do:
• Using pencils create a background.
• Draw a stem and leaves.
•  Glue popcorn above the flower stem, in a Hyacinthus shape.
• Display!

Napkin Holders

What you need:bunny napkin holder
• 1 white pipe cleaner
• 2 small googley eyes
• 1 extra small pink pom pom
• glue

What you do:
• Take your pipe cleaner and fold it over in half to create a small circle.
• Twist the cross-section around.
• Fold down each of the ends and twist them around the center to create the two bunny ears.
• Glue on the eyes and pink nose.
•  Let the glue dry completely.
• Your bunny is ready for a dinner party!

Fluffy Sheep

What do you need:fluffy sheep
• Cardboard
• Black paint
• Brush
• Scissors
• Twigs
• Tape
• Fiber fill

What you do:
• Cut out a cardboard sheep body.
• Paint the face.
• Let it dry.
• Tape on twigs for legs.
• Glue the  fiber fill.

Yarn Sheep

What you need:Yarn Sheep
• Styrofoam ball
• Yarn
• Acorn
• White fleece
• 4 Toothpicks
• 4 Wooden beads
• Glue
• Scissors
• Marker

What you do:
• Cover the Styrofoam ball with yarn.
• Glue acorn to the ball. It will be the sheep’s head.
• Cut  ears and tail of your sheep out of the fleece.
• Glue the ears and the tail.
• Attach the toothpicks to the ball.
• Draw the face of the sheep with the marker.
• Insert the legs of the sheep in the beads.

Watercolor Eggs

What you need:Watercolor eggs1
• 2 Sheets of white paper
• Watercolors
• Brush
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Glue

What you do:
• Paint one of the sheets of paper with watercolors.
• Let it dry.
• On the back of the paper draw egg shapes.
• Cut the eggs out.
• Glue the watercolor eggs to the second sheet of paper.
• Display.

Flower Wreath

What you need:flower wreath
• Cardboard 9 1/2″ square or larger
• Scissors
• Egg cartons
• Glue
• Acrylic paint
• Green construction paper

What you do:
• Cut a 9″ circle from cardboard.  In the center of this circle, cut out and discard a 5″ circle.  This is the form for your wreath.
• Cut  apart egg carton sections.
• Trim evenly.
• Make slits in the sections and bend away from the center.
• Paint the flowers with the acrylic paint.
• Let them dry.
• Glue flower sections to wreath.
• Cut leaves out of construction paper to glue to wreath.
• Display.