Leprechaun Trap

What you need:Leprechaun Trap
• glass
• toothpick
• double sided tape
• scissors
• green and yellow construction paper
• pencil
• lego pieces
• coins

What you do:
• Cut strips of green and yellow paper.
• Tape the strips around the glass, layering them as you go up the glass.
• Cut a circle of paper slightly smaller than the opening of the top of the glass.
• Tape the paper circle to the toothpick to create a secret swinging trap door.
• Build a ladder for the leprechaun out of lego pieces
• To tempt the leprechaun into your trap balance a few coins on the center of the trap door.
• On the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, most children will find that the tricky leprechaun has managed to escape in a glittery trail of green dust — but not before leaving them a few gold coins in the bottom of the trap.

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Spring Flowers

What you need:
• Styrofoam ball
• Q-tips
• Food coloring
•Bamboo skewer
• Scissors
• Glue
What you do:
• Cut the Q-tips in half
• Poke them into the Styrofoam ball.
• Once you are finished, mix up some water and food coloring.
• Roll the ball around in the food coloring until all the q-tips are evenly colored.
• Poke the bamboo skewer into the ball. You may want to secure it with a bit of hot glue.
• Display it.

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Macaroni Shamrock

What you need:
• Scissors
• Cardboard
• White glue
• Small container
• Green food coloring
• Paintbrush
• Dry spaghetti
• Ribbon or yarn

What you do:
• Cut a shamrock shape from the cardboard. Make it any size you like, but be sure to consider the size of the magnet you’ll be using.
• Pour a small amount of glue into the container.
• Add a few drops of green food coloring and mix well.
• Have your child paint the green glue all over the shamrock shape.
• Break the spaghetti into pieces about as wide as the shamrock. (The pieces can extend past the edges.)
• Cover the entire shamrock with rows of spaghetti.
• Brush green glue on the spaghetti and let it dry.
• Carefully trim the spaghetti.
• Glue a piece of ribbon or yarn onto the back of the shamrock.

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Shamrock Pin

What you need:
• Green pipe cleaner
• Pony Beads
• Scissors
• Safety pin
What you do:
• Take one stem and twist ends together making a hoop.
• Push hoop down into 3 areas and twist each to form one shamrock.
• Form the 3 hoops into hearts.
• Place pony beads on safety pin and attach as shown.

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Lucky Rainbow

What you need:
• Two Styrofoam balls
• 6 Pipe cleaners
• Cotton balls
• Paint
• Glue
• Scissors

What you do:
• Cut a Styrofoam ball in half. Place the two halves flat side down on your work surface.
• Line up the pipe cleaners in the Rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.
• Keeping the pipe cleaner in the above order and close together but not overlapping, stick one end of the five pipe cleaner into the center of the rounded side of one of the Styrofoam halves.
• Bend the pipe cleaner forming an arch. Be sure to keep the red pipe cleaner at the top of the arch.
• Trim the loose ends of the pipe cleaner once they are bent so they are somewhat even.
• Stick this end of the pipe cleaner into the other half Styrofoam ball
• Cut a small piece off of the top of the second Styrofoam ball. Gently press the bottom of the ball against your work surface to flatten it slightly.
• On the top, use your thumb to press in the center of the ball making a small indent.
• Paint the Styrofoam ball black. This is the pot for the gold. Let dry completely.
• Glue the side of the pot to the side of one of the other Styrofoam balls as pictured.
• Using white glue, glue cotton balls to the two Styrofoam ball halves to form clouds.
• Paint the inside of the pot yellow.
• Your Rainbow is ready to be displayed.

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