Macaroni Shamrock

What you need:
• Scissors
• Cardboard
• White glue
• Small container
• Green food coloring
• Paintbrush
• Dry spaghetti
• Ribbon or yarn

What you do:
• Cut a shamrock shape from the cardboard. Make it any size you like, but be sure to consider the size of the magnet you’ll be using.
• Pour a small amount of glue into the container.
• Add a few drops of green food coloring and mix well.
• Have your child paint the green glue all over the shamrock shape.
• Break the spaghetti into pieces about as wide as the shamrock. (The pieces can extend past the edges.)
• Cover the entire shamrock with rows of spaghetti.
• Brush green glue on the spaghetti and let it dry.
• Carefully trim the spaghetti.
• Glue a piece of ribbon or yarn onto the back of the shamrock.

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Worm Art

What you need:
• Newspaper to protect the workspace
• Tempera Paint
• A couple of shallow dishes to pour the paint into
• Cooked spaghetti noodles
• A piece of art paper the bigger the better

What you do:
•  Cover the workspace with newspaper
• Pour out a few different colors of tempera paint into shallow containers
• Plop a handful of clean, al dente spaghetti noodles into the paint and mix around, making sure to saturate the noodles with oodles of paint
• Pull a paint covered noodle out of the paint and onto the clean art paper. Twirl, pull, swirl, drag, press the noodle all around the paper and see what happens!

African Mask

What you need:
• Paper plate
• Hole punch
• Craft knife
• Pipe cleaners
• Colored pasta
• Newspapers
• White glue
• Poster paint
• Paint brush

What you do:
• Punch 6 to 8 holes around the top half portion of the paper plate.
• Draw and cut out a pair of eye holes.
• Take some strips of newspaper. Twist and form them into a mouth and nose shape.
• Use white glue to attach the newspaper nose and mouth to the paper plate.
• Let the glue dry for a few minutes.
• Paint your mask with brown poster paint.
• Use white paint to make designs on the mask.
• Cut pipe cleaners in half and attach each piece to a hole on the mask. Simply loop one end of the pipe cleaner around the hole and twist it to secure it in place.
• String colored pasta through each pipe cleaner. Seal the end by folding down the tip of the pipe cleaner.
• Once you’re finished, you’re ready to show off your African mask.

Attach an elastic band on the two lowermost holes to wear the mask or you may simply put up the mask on the wall.

Macaroni Sheep

What you need:
• 4″ x 6″ piece of cardboard
• 2 large spring type clothespins
• Elbow macaroni
• 2 wiggle eyes
• White felt
• Paint (black, white and pink)
• White glue
• paintbrush
What you do
• From the cardboard cut one 3-inch circle for the body and one 1 1/2-inch circle for the head.
• Paint the body circle white on both sides.
•  Paint the head circle black on both sides. Let dry.
• Paint top 1/3 of the head white.
• Take the clothespins apart and paint the wooden pieces black. Allow to dry completely and then put back together.
• Attach the clothespins with glue to the body circle.
• Glue elbow macaroni to the front of the body circle and to the top 1/3 of the head circle where it was painted white.
• Paint the macaroni on both pieces white.
• Cut two ears from the white felt and glue to the back of the head.
• Glue two goggle eyes to the front of the head.
• Paint a nose on the face with pink paint.
• Glue head to body. Let dry.