Napkin Holders

What you need:bunny napkin holder
• 1 white pipe cleaner
• 2 small googley eyes
• 1 extra small pink pom pom
• glue

What you do:
• Take your pipe cleaner and fold it over in half to create a small circle.
• Twist the cross-section around.
• Fold down each of the ends and twist them around the center to create the two bunny ears.
• Glue on the eyes and pink nose.
•  Let the glue dry completely.
• Your bunny is ready for a dinner party!

Easter Bunny

What you need:Easter Bunny
• White Yarn
• Googly Eyes
• Glue
• Pink Fleece
• Pipe cleaners
• 1 White Pipe Cleaner
• 1 Muffin Liner (optional)
• Scissors

What you do:
• Make two pom poms (one is slightly bigger than another).
• Glue them together.
• Make arms and legs out of the pipe cleaners.
• Glue them to the body.
• Cut the ears and nose out of the fleece and attach them to the head of the bunny.
• Glue the googly eyes to the head.
• Cut the middle of the muffin liner and dress your bunny if it is a girl or leave it as is if it is a boy.