Yarn Sheep

What you need:Yarn Sheep
• Styrofoam ball
• Yarn
• Acorn
• White fleece
• 4 Toothpicks
• 4 Wooden beads
• Glue
• Scissors
• Marker

What you do:
• Cover the Styrofoam ball with yarn.
• Glue acorn to the ball. It will be the sheep’s head.
• Cut  ears and tail of your sheep out of the fleece.
• Glue the ears and the tail.
• Attach the toothpicks to the ball.
• Draw the face of the sheep with the marker.
• Insert the legs of the sheep in the beads.

Yarn Wrapped Vase

What you need:
• An empty can
• A combo of yarn in a variety of thicknesses and colors
• All purpose glue

What you do:
• Attach the first piece of yarn with a dab glue at the end and start wrapping, adding very small dots of glue along the way.
•Change colors as desired, wrapping the whole height of the can.
• That’s it!

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