Bloody Candle

What you need:Bloody candle
• White candle
• Red wax candle or red crayon
• Matches or Lighter / hair dryer if your are using a crayon

What you do:
•Light a red candle and let it drip down onto the top and sides of the white candle.
• If you are using a red crayon, just hold it over the edge of the white candle. Using the hair dryer blow the air downwards.
• Display.

Web Candle

What you need:Web candle
• Wax candle
• Pencil
• Alcohol wipe
• Toothpaste
• Paper to put the candle on

What you do:
• Draw a spider web on the candle by pushing the pencil into the wax.
• Trace the design several times with the pencil applying pressure.
• Wipe the candle with the alcohol wipe to get rid of the extra wax.
• Using your finger dab some toothpaste over your web design.

Halloween Crafts

Trick or treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat…



Spider Web







PAPER PLATE BATpaper plate bat





SPIDERegg carton spider








Web candle

BLOODY CANDLEBloody candle


Little Ghost

What you need:Little Ghost
• White tissue paper (14″x 14″)
• 2 White pipe cleaners
• Glue
• Black marker
• Lemon or apple

What you do:
• Tape 2 pieces of 12-inch-long white pipe cleaners in crisscross fashion to a 14-inch square of double-layer white tissue paper.
• Trim the paper into a circle, cutting through the wire, then flip over the tissue and set it over a lemon or an apple.
• Loosely mold the center of the paper over the lemon to form a ghost head, then use a black marker to add facial details.
• Concealing the lemon, place the ghost on the floor or a table and give it a nudge to set it in motion.

Pumpkin Vase

What you need:Pumpkin Vase
• Pumpkin
• Floral Foam
• Knife
• Plastic container
• Water
• Flowers, leaves, berries

What you do:
• Cut and scoop the pumpkin out.
• Place a cube of  floral foam inside the container, thinning it to fit.
• Press the foam down to make it level, and drench it with water (enough so that a small pool collects at the bottom of the container).
• Arrange seasonal flowers, dried leaves, and berries as desired.

Gourd Monster

What you need:Gourd Monster
• Gourd
• Craft foam
• Styrofoam balls
• Pipe Cleaners
• Scissors
• Markers

Spider Web

What you need:Spider Web
• Paper plate
• Black acrylic paint
• White yarn
•  Scissors
• Tape
• Hole Puncher

What you do:
•  Cut out the center of the paper plate.
• Paint the ring.
• Let  it dry.
•  Punch holes around the ring.
• Starting at the top, leave 3 inches for hanging, then string holes around the ring, crossing the yarn.
• Put the spider in the web.
•  Hang the spider web.

Paper Plate Ghost

What you need:PP Ghost
• White paper plate
• Tissue paper
• Tape
• Glue
• Sharpie

What you do:
• Glue or tape strands of the white streamer to the bottom of the back of the same paper plate.
• Create the face of the ghost.

Creepy Crawlers

What you need:Creepy Crawlers
• Mini pumpkin
• Knife
• Spoon
• Pencil
Candle holder

What you do:
•  Trace one of your tealight candles with your pencil and then begin to carve.
• Scoop out all the seeds and pulp.
• Place a tealight candle in the newly carved hole.

Note: We really recommend using the battery operated flameless tealight candles for a safer and longer lasting candle. Put your  simple, yet elegant and organic candle holder into the metal candle holder.You are now ready to decorate any table setting with these gorgeous gourds!

PS. Found these wonderful candle holders on: and could not help buying few of them. ($3.50 a piece, how can you go wrong?:))


Ghost Craft

What you need:
• Clean plastic milk jug
• Black permanent marker
• Craft knife
• Flameless candle

What you do:
• Draw ghost eyes and mouths on the jug.
• Draw ghost eyes and mouths on the jug.
• Use the craft knife to cut a half-dollar-size hole in the back of each jug.
• Put the flameless candle inside.
• Boo!!!

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Paper Plate Bat

What you need:
• 2 paper plates
• acrylic paint: black and white
• scissors
• glue

What you do:
• Paint the paper plates black and let dry.
• Paint circle eyes and mouth with teeth on one of the plates. Let dry.
• Cut one of the paper plates in half for the wings. Shape them as wings of a bat.
• Make ears out of the second plate scrapes.
• Glue the wings and the ears to the back of the body plate.
• Display.

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DIY Ghost

What you need:
• Large white garbage bag
• Permanent black marker
• Newspaper
• Strong string

What you do:
• Crumple newspaper.
• Stuff one corner of a large white garbage bag with crumpled newspaper to form a head.
• Twist shut,folding other corner down and secure with string.
• Draw a face on the ghost with permanent markers.
• Let face dry.
•  Cut bottom part of bag into 3-4″ wide strips.
• Attach string to top of head with wide tape; knotting string so it doesn’t pull out.
• Make lots and hang them indoors or out.

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