Little Ghost

What you need:Little Ghost
• White tissue paper (14″x 14″)
• 2 White pipe cleaners
• Glue
• Black marker
• Lemon or apple

What you do:
• Tape 2 pieces of 12-inch-long white pipe cleaners in crisscross fashion to a 14-inch square of double-layer white tissue paper.
• Trim the paper into a circle, cutting through the wire, then flip over the tissue and set it over a lemon or an apple.
• Loosely mold the center of the paper over the lemon to form a ghost head, then use a black marker to add facial details.
• Concealing the lemon, place the ghost on the floor or a table and give it a nudge to set it in motion.

Paper Plate Ghost

What you need:PP Ghost
• White paper plate
• Tissue paper
• Tape
• Glue
• Sharpie

What you do:
• Glue or tape strands of the white streamer to the bottom of the back of the same paper plate.
• Create the face of the ghost.

Ghost Craft

What you need:
• Clean plastic milk jug
• Black permanent marker
• Craft knife
• Flameless candle

What you do:
• Draw ghost eyes and mouths on the jug.
• Draw ghost eyes and mouths on the jug.
• Use the craft knife to cut a half-dollar-size hole in the back of each jug.
• Put the flameless candle inside.
• Boo!!!

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DIY Ghost

What you need:
• Large white garbage bag
• Permanent black marker
• Newspaper
• Strong string

What you do:
• Crumple newspaper.
• Stuff one corner of a large white garbage bag with crumpled newspaper to form a head.
• Twist shut,folding other corner down and secure with string.
• Draw a face on the ghost with permanent markers.
• Let face dry.
•  Cut bottom part of bag into 3-4″ wide strips.
• Attach string to top of head with wide tape; knotting string so it doesn’t pull out.
• Make lots and hang them indoors or out.

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