Card Holder

What you need:card holder
• Clothespins
• Red and white paint
• Paint brush

What you do:
• Take the clothespins apart and paint the wooden pieces white or red.
• Let them dry.
• Paint snow flakes.
• Allow to dry completely and then put back together.
• Display your Christmas cards.

Clothespin Wreath

What you need:Clothespin wreath
• Wire hanger
• Clothespins

What you do:
• Bend a wire hanger into a heart shape.
• Clip clothespins onto hanger.

DIY Reindeer

What you need:
• Air-dry clay
• Small eye screw
• Acrylic paint
• Baby flat clothespins
• Super glue

What you do:
•Make a body of your reindeer using air-dry clay.
• Attach the hanger and let it dry.
• Paint the clothespins and the body.
• Let them dry.
• Paint the eyes.
• Glue together the reindeer parts.
• Let it dry.
• Display.

Clothespin Vase

What you need:
• Cleaned Tuna Can
Clothes Pins (Click here to get it now!)
• Paint if desired

What you do:
• Take an empty tuna can and clip clothes pins all around it.
• Paint if you choose.
• That’s it!

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