Jingle Bells

What you need:
•  Egg-carton
• Scissors
•  Paint
•  Bells
•  Yarn
• Embroidery needle
• Glitter

What you do:
• Cut the cone-shape pieces that separate the eggs out of a cardboard carton (one egg carton will produce five bells).
• Paint each divider, using acrylic or poster paint. Let dry.
• Apply glue along the edge of the divider, all over the outside, or wherever you like, and sprinkle with glitter.
• Thread an embroidery needle with yarn, poke a hole through a bell’s crown, and pull yarn through partway.
• For a clapper, slip a jingle bell onto the end of the yarn; tie a knot above the jingle bell. Tie several bells around a doorknob, staggering the lengths of the yarn.