Patriotic Wind Sock

What you need:
• Empty Bread Crumb Container
• Blue and white construction paper
• Star shaped cookie cutter
• Pencil
• Glue
• White and Red Crepe Paper Streamers
• Scissors
• String

What you do:
• Cut the bottom off the Bread Crumb Container.
• Cover the container with the blue construction paper.
• Trace the stars on the white construction paper. Cut them out.
• Glue the stars to the container.
• Cut some red and white crepe paper streamers and glue them to the bottom of the container.
• Punch 4 holes on the top of the container.
• Cut two pieces of the string about a foot long.
• Tie the string to the container.
• Tie a longer piece of string to the shorter pieces.
• Hang your Patriotic Wind sock from your window or porch.

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