DIY Cherry Blossom

What you need:DIY Cherry Blossom
• Branches
• Pink tissue paper
• Scissors
• Glue

What you do:
• Gather branches that have fallen outside.
• Let dry.
• Cut out 2-inch squares of pink tissue.
• Pinch tightly in the middle to create blooms.
• Glue the flowers to the branches.
• Display.

Tissue Paper Heart

What you need:Tissue paper heart
• Card Stock
• Red and Pink Tissue Paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Tape
• Bamboo Skewers
• Pencil

What you do:
• Draw a heart on the card stock.
• Cut it out.
• Cut tissue paper into 2″squares.
• Crumple each piece into a tight ball.
• Dip into white glue and place onto pattern.
• Continue crumpling and gluing down pieces until the entire pattern is filled.
• Attach the heart to the bamboo skewer with the tape.

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