Pet Snails

What you need:Pet Snail
• Snails
• A good size tank (one snail per 4 liters)
• Bark
• Crushed eggshells, for calcium
• Aquarium gravel
• Soil
• Peat moss

 What you do:
• Have loose soil (no sand) for substrate. Make sure the substrate is deep enough for your snail to dig in.
• Put the soil in the aquarium.
• Provide a hiding place for your snail.( A coconut hut is good for larger snails, but a half of a hickory nut shell is perfect for smaller snails. It is recommended to get an extra hut so you have more huts than the amount of snails you have.)
• Gently put the snail in its new home.
• Feed your snail. Snails love baby carrots and lettuce, but their absolute favorite is cucumber. Feed them every day. Snails need calcium, so get crushed eggshell and let them nibble on it.
• Play with your snail. Snails love attention too! Pick them up, and let them crawl over you! Or if you have more than one, put them in a bowl with a little water, (no higher than half of the snail’s body, not shell) and let them play.