Treasure Chest

What you need:treasure chest
• Small box with lid
• Seashells
• Tacky glue

What you do:
• Organize the shells, according to size, shape, and color.( The kinds of shells you have will play a big role in your design. The ones you have most will be your “filler” shells, covering most of the box. The ones you have fewest perhaps will go on the corners. If you have any special shells, use them for the focal point on the top.)
• Start gluing. Begin with the corners. Glue in place any large or special shells.
• Then fill in around them with your smaller, “filler” shells.
• Fill in all empty spaces with shells. Add any additional shells as you see fit.

There can never be too many!

Seashell Necklace

You don’t have to be in the sand and surf to always keep a piece of the beach with you.Seashell Necklace

What you need:
• One small shell with a hole.
• Necklace clasp
•Leather cord
• Gold acrylic paint
• Brush

What you do:
• Paint the seashell gold.
• Let it dry.
•  Slip one end of the leather cord through the hole in the shell.
• Put either end of the leather cord  through  a necklace clasp, tight.
• Put another end of the leather cord through the necklace clasp, tight.
• Enjoy.