Ocean Crafts

 Put your creativity to work with these ocean-inspired crafts for kids and adults alike.

DIY Jellyfish cover


shoebox aquarium


DIY Squid cover


Seashell snails

Brain Coral Reef

Egg Submarine cover


Salty Sinking Water Cover Final

DIY Jellyfish

What you need:DIY Jellyfish
•  A transparent plastic grocery bag
• A plastic water bottles.
• Thread
• Scissors
• Water

What you do:
• Flatten the bag and cut off the handle and the bottom part.
• Cut along both sides to split into 2 plastic sheets.
• From the center of the plastic sheet, fold it like a tiny balloon to make the head part and tie it with the thread – not too tight (You must leave a little hole in order to pour some water in the head part).
• Now you’ll get the head balloon part and the remaining will be its tentacles.
• Cut from the edge up to the head part roughly. (You’ll get for about 8-10 tentacles).
• For each of them, cut again into 3-4 small strings – and just cut off the remaining part.
• Trim to make random long and short tentacles.
• Put some water into the head part to make it be able to sink.(You must leave some air inside to make be able to float up.
• Fill up your water bottle.
• Put your jellyfish in the bottle.