Leaf Craft

What you need:
• Cutting Board
• Acrylic Paint
• Leaves
• Glue
• Glitter Glue

What you do:
• Paint the cutting board brown.
• Let it dry.
• Glue the leaves to the board.
• Let it dry.
• Trace the leaves with the glitter glue.
• Display

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Leaf Preservation

What you need:
• Old phone book
• Collection of colorful leaves, grasses, flowers, herbs

What you do:
• Take a nature walk with on a clear, dry day.
• Collect any attractive flowers, leaves, grasses, and herbs.
• At home, separate each stalk or blossom, and place between the pages of the phone book. Use a different page for each specimen, spacing them well apart from each other.
• Place the phone book in a cool, dry place for a week to ten days. Your leaves will then be totally dry and ready for use.
• Your phone book/leaf press can be used over and over again. Flowers may be stored in them for several months.