Pumpkin Lantern

What you need:
• 8.5×11 orange construction paper
• string or ribbon
• a hole puncher
• a sticker or tape

What you do:
• Cut your construction paper into strips that are equal in length and width.
• Stack the papers and punch holes through the top and bottom of each strip.
• String the strips on your piece of string or ribbon. Seal the string with a piece of tape or sticker.
• String through the top holes.
• Pull the string tight until the paper bows out. Tie off the top (make sort of a bow/messy knot. It just needs to be big enough that the string doesn’t go back through the paper).
• Fan out the strips until you have created a sphere shape.
• Hang your pumpkin.

Chinese Lantern

What you need:
• Chinese Paper Lanterns
• Paint: Black, Red, Orange and Green
• Paintbrush

What you do:
• Assemble paper lantern by inserting brace to hold shape.
• Put small amount of paint on paper palette.
• Use tip of finger to paint small circles on lantern, mix shades of paint to resemble flowers.
• Add black paint with very small brush to create stems.
• Let dry.