Fall Wreath

What you need:Fall Wreath
• Sticky Glue
• Jute Twine
• Cardboard 9 1/2″ square or larger
• Fall Leaves
• Pencil
• Scissors

What you do:
• Cut a 9″ circle from cardboard.  In the center of this circle, cut out and discard a 5″ circle.  This is the form for your wreath.
• Spray a small patch of glue onto your wreath and wrap the jute twine around it very tightly a number of times.
• After wrapping the initial section of jute twine you can start wrapping it with spaces.
• Once you are a full way around the wreath just keep going, filling in the spaces and making sure you are pulling the jute twine tight the whole time until you don’t have any more foam peeking through.
• After you are finished wrapping all of your jute twine make a small knot on the side you want to be the back and spray a little sticky glue on it.
• Cut the jute twine right after the knot.
• Attach the leaves with the glue.
• Display.