Easter Crafts

Celebrate Easter by making some fun bunny crafts, decorating eggs in several different ways, or creating some pretty flowers for. Check out all of our Easter craft projects here.

Bunny Napkin Holder

bunny napkin holder cover

Fluffy Sheep

fluffy sheep cover

Yarn Sheep

Yarn Sheep cover

Watercolor Eggs

Watercolor eggs

Flower Wreath

flower wreath cover

Macaroni Sheep

Macaroni sheep cover final

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs cover

Bird Nest

Bird Nest Cover

Decoupaged Eggs

Decoupage eggs

Egg Shell Frame

Egg Shell Frame Cover

Mushroom Egg

Mushroom egg

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Cover

Cracked Egg Candle

Cracked Egg candle cover

Broken Egg Vase

Broken Egg Vase

Little Chick

Little Chick

Chick Chat

Chick Chat

Egg Holder

Egg Holder Cover

Easter Grass

Easter Grass Cover

Fizzing Easter Eggs

Fizzing Easter Eggs cover

Bird Nest

What you need:Bird Nest
• Paper bag
• Scissors

What you do:
• Cut lunch bag into half inch strips.
• Twist the bag strips.
• Tie every bag strip into knots and then tie them together.

Easter Bunny

What you need:Easter Bunny
• White Yarn
• Googly Eyes
• Glue
• Pink Fleece
• Pipe cleaners
• 1 White Pipe Cleaner
• 1 Muffin Liner (optional)
• Scissors

What you do:
• Make two pom poms (one is slightly bigger than another).
• Glue them together.
• Make arms and legs out of the pipe cleaners.
• Glue them to the body.
• Cut the ears and nose out of the fleece and attach them to the head of the bunny.
• Glue the googly eyes to the head.
• Cut the middle of the muffin liner and dress your bunny if it is a girl or leave it as is if it is a boy.