DIY Poppies

What you need:DIY Poppies
• 2  coffee filters
• red paint
• paintbrush
•  scissors
• 1 green pipe cleaner
• 1 small one-inch piece of green pipe cleaner
• 1 medium black pom-pom
• white craft glue

What you do:

• Flatten the coffee filters and then paint them red. Let them dry.
• Layer both coffee filters and fold in half.
• Fold in half one again so it is only a quarter of a circle.
• Holding the folded filters at the point, cut both left and right corners off, rounding as you go.  When you open them they will resemble four leaf clovers.
• Place one filter on top of the other, offsetting so that you can see all eight bumps.
• Hold filters together and poke the chenille stem through the center of both filters.
• Leave about an inch poking through and bend it down to secure.
• Holding the “stem”, gather the bottom of the flower up into a cup shape and wrap the small piece of chenille stem around the bottom of the coffee filters. Tighten to secure.
• Open  the flower up and glue the pom-pom to the center. Allow glue to dry completely.
• Gently gather and scrunch the flower in your hand, then release.