DIY Wind Chimes

What you need:Seashells
• 12 Shells
• Ribbon
• Yarn
• Long stick for hanging
• Scissors
• Tacky glue

What you do:
• To make one strand, cut two lengths of yarn about 18 inches long.
•  Tie them together with a knot about 2 ½ inches from one end.
• Make up two more strands in the same way, using different-colored yarn.
• Tie the separate strands onto the stick, spacing them evenly.
•Trim the ends.
• Tie a different piece of yarn to each end of the stick to make a loop to hang on a tree.
• To secure the shells use some tacky glue.

DIY Necklace

What you need:DIY Necklace
• Clear Gel Tacky Glue
• Scissors
• Fabric scraps ( 2-2 1/2” wide and 15” in length for roses and what ever you need for the necklace plus 5 inches)
• Lobster clasp
• Two jump rings

What you do:
For Flowers:

• Fold the fabric in half and roll a tight center, about 4 or 5 rolls.
• Glue and start to twist your fabric.
• Keep working your way around by adding a drop of glue and twisting every half turn or so.  Just try to keep it tight.
• Once you reach the desired width of your flower just cut the strip of fabric with 1-2” of fabric left.
• Add a drop of glue to the bottom, center of your flower.
• Fold the  fabric strip over the bottom of your flower to secure it.  Trim if needed.
• Once you have made all three flowers and they have been able to dry for 24 hours, you can finish your necklace.
• Take 3 pieces of fabric.
• Pin the ends together and pin it somewhere so you can braid it.
• Attach the clasp.
•  Flip your flowers upside down and glue them to the necklace.
• Let it dry overnight.

Knot Bracelet

What you need:knot bracelet
• 1.5 foot leather cord
• bracelet clasp

What you do:
• Fold cord in half and thread fold through clasp ring.
• While holding folded end in one hand, thread tail ends through loop.
•  Pull ends to secure cord to clasp ring.
• Lay cord with clasp at top of work.
• Holding one cord in each hand, wrap left cord over and around right cord; then thread left cord end through hole above wrap.
•  Pull to make a knot just below lobster clasp.
• Repeat previous step to make knots to the end of the bracelet.
• When desired length of bracelet is reached, make one last knot and trim ends.
• To wear bracelet, attach  clasp between cords above last knot.

DIY Plant Stakes

What you need:DIY Plant Stake
• Sticks
• Pruner
• Potato peeler
• Sharpie

What you do:
• Trim the ends of each stick.
• Use the potato peeler to shave off several slices of the bark.
• Using permanent marker, write the names of the plant on each stick.
• Stick the stakes in the soil and you’re ready to grow!

DIY Solar Oven

What you need:Solar oven
• Pizza box, shoe box or shipping box
• Marker
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Black construction paper
• Aluminum foil
• Craft knife
• Bamboo skewer, stick or dowel
• Clear plastic (plastic wrap, plastic sheet protectors, or overhead transparency plastic)

What you need:s'mores
• Using your ruler, measure 1 inch from each side of your box.
• Put a dot on each side.
• Connect the dots.
• Cut three sides with a craft knife.
• Carefully pry open the flap. (This becomes your sun window. )
• Fold the window up along the uncut line (top of the box).
• Grab the aluminum foil and your glue stick.
• Use the shiny side of the foil.
• Glue the foil to the inside of your window.
• Smooth out as many wrinkles as possible.
• Repeat steps 1-4 on the inside of the box.
• Tape the black piece of construction paper on the inside of the box.
• Glue plastic wrap, plastic sheet protectors, or transparency plastic protectors to the underside of the lid. (Try to make the seal as airtight as possible).
• Take your homemade solar cooker outside.
• Place it in direct sunlight.
• Open the flap towards the sun.
• Add your favorite solar oven recipe to the box.
• Close the box.
• Use a bamboo skewer, stick, or dowel to prop the flap open.
• Choose an angle that reflects the most light into the solar box oven.
• Cook! Check your food every 10 minutes. This could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the solar oven recipe you chose and how warm and sunny it is outside.


Easter Bunny

What you need:Easter Bunny
• White Yarn
• Googly Eyes
• Glue
• Pink Fleece
• Pipe cleaners
• 1 White Pipe Cleaner
• 1 Muffin Liner (optional)
• Scissors

What you do:
• Make two pom poms (one is slightly bigger than another).
• Glue them together.
• Make arms and legs out of the pipe cleaners.
• Glue them to the body.
• Cut the ears and nose out of the fleece and attach them to the head of the bunny.
• Glue the googly eyes to the head.
• Cut the middle of the muffin liner and dress your bunny if it is a girl or leave it as is if it is a boy.

Flower Painting

What you need:Flower Painting1
• Plastic Bottle
• Canvas
• Paper Plate
• Brush
• Paint

What you do:
• Using dark paint make a branch on the canvas.
• Let it dry.
• Pour some paint on a paper plate and dip the plastic bottle.
• Press the plastic bottle on the canvas, then lift up.
• Dip the bottle in more paint each time you repeat the stamp.

DIY Squid

What you need:DIY Squid
• Balloon
• Glue Cap
• Sharpie
• Water

What you do:
•Fill the balloon with air.
• Insert the glue cap into the neck of the balloon. (closed)
• Draw squid eyes on the balloon.
• Fill a tub with water.
• Put your squid into the water.
• Twist the glue cap open and set your squid free.

DIY Sailboat

What you need:DIY Sailboat
• 1 plastic bottle
• 1 drinking straw
• pencil
• scissors
• acrylic paint
• brush
• air dry modeling clay
• duct tape
• 2 screw eyes
• construction paper
• jute
• double sided tape

What you do:
• Mark and cut the cockpit hole in the bottle.
• Cover the edges with the duct tape.
• Color the sailboat with the acrylic paint.
• Let it dry.
• Put a piece of  clay into the boat.
• Fix the straw in the clay.
• Cut the sail out of the construction paper.
• Attach the sail to the straw with the double sided tape.
• Put the screw eye into the top of the straw and attach it with some clay.
• Poke a hole in the lid of the bottle.
• Insert a screw eye.
• Tie the jute to the screw eyes.
• You are ready for sailing.

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DIY Rain

What you need:
•  Jar of water
• Shaving cream
• Food coloring

What you do:
• Spray the shaving cream in the jar to resemble clouds.
• Squirt some food coloring on the shaving cream clouds.
• Wait.
• Once the “clouds” are filled with water…
• It starts to rain!

DIY Whale

What you need:
• An adult sized white sock
• Glue
• Blue Ribbon
• Google eyes or doll eyes
• Scissors
• Red Yarn
• Fiberfill
• String

What you do:
• Stuff fiberfill into your sock (up to the heel).
• Use string to tie the sock shut at the point that the stuffing ends.
•  Cut off most of the extra material, but be sure to leave a large enough piece behind to create the whale’s tail.
• From the discarded sock material, cut two small triangular pieces and glue to each side of the sock to create fins.
• Glue a googly eye to each side of the whale’s head.
• Glue a piece of red yarn onto the front of the sock to create a smile.
• Glue blue ribbon to the top of the whale so it looks like water spraying out of the top.

Pom Pom

What you need:
• Cardboard
• Ttwo circular items you can trace around.
• Wool
• Scissors

What you do:
•  Using the larger of your two circular items, trace out two circles on your cardboard.
• Put a smaller circle, say  in the middle of your larger circles.
• Cut out the two larger circles, then cut out the inner circles.
• Place the rings together.
•  Cut the wool into manageable lengths.
•  Hold one end on the outside of the ring and feed the other end through the hole, round the back and through the front again. Repeat this, working your way around the ring until all the cardboard is covered. As you use additional lengths, you don’t need to tie them together, just make sure the ends are on the outside, not in the middle. If it makes it easier for you, try using a large darning needle to feed the wool through.
•  Once your rings are fairly full of wool, cut the wool around the edges.
• Pass a length of wool between the two pieces of cardboard, around all the strands of wool, and tie it firmly together.
• Remove the cardboard rings.
• Trim any lengths of wool which are uneven to give your pom poms a tidy look.