Spider Web

What you need:Spider Web
• Paper plate
• Black acrylic paint
• White yarn
•  Scissors
• Tape
• Hole Puncher

What you do:
•  Cut out the center of the paper plate.
• Paint the ring.
• Let  it dry.
•  Punch holes around the ring.
• Starting at the top, leave 3 inches for hanging, then string holes around the ring, crossing the yarn.
• Put the spider in the web.
•  Hang the spider web.

Paper Plate Ghost

What you need:PP Ghost
• White paper plate
• Tissue paper
• Tape
• Glue
• Sharpie

What you do:
• Glue or tape strands of the white streamer to the bottom of the back of the same paper plate.
• Create the face of the ghost.

Buttoned Art

What you need: Buttons
• Canvas
• Acrylic Paint
• Brush
• Buttons
• Tacky Glue
• Thread

What you do:
•  Apply white acrylic paint to the canvas in vertical brushstrokes.
• While the paint is still wet, add a few gray lines and blend the colors to create a striated appearance.
• Tie the buttons to the canvas with thread.
• Glue the twine to the back of the canvas stretcher frame to secure.

Flower Art

What you need:Flower Art
• Canvas
• Watercolor
• Drinking straw
• Brush
• Water

What you do:
• Create a light wash by mixing water with one base color.
• Paint the entire surface of the  canvas with the color; let dry.
• To make flower stems, use a thin brush to paint a single line of light green watercolor paint.
• When the light green is almost dry, highlight it with a line of darker green; let dry.
• To create the flowers, place a nickel-size puddle of watercolor paint in a light tone onto the canvas at the top of one stem.
• Hold a straw vertically, straight over the top of the puddle.
• Blow into the straw to spread the paint into a sunburst pattern and let it dry.
• Repeat the process with a deeper, more saturated tone of the same color and let it dry again.
• Display.

DIY Suncatcher

What you need:DIY Suncatcher
• White glue
• Food coloring
• Flat lid from large yogurt, sour cream, margarine or butter container or top of old Tupperware
• Whole punch
• Ribbon

What you do:
• Pour a generous amount of glue into one of your plastic lids and swish it around to cover the entire inner surface.
• Put one or two drops of each color of food coloring around the glue.
• Give your child a toothpick to swirl the colors around in the glue.
• Let dry.
• Peel the suncatcher off the lid.
• Punch a hole through the top.
• Add a ribbon, and hang in a sunny spot.

Ocean Frame

What you need:Seashell Frame
•  Wooden frame
• Acrylic paint (white)
• Seashells
• Sand
• White glue
• Tacky glue
• Brush

What you do:
• Paint the wooden frame with white acrylic paint.
• Let it dry.
• Using tacky glue, attach the seashells to the frame.
• Let it dry.
• Brush white glue all over the frame.
• Sprinkle the frame with the sand.
• Let it dry.
• Brush off extra sand.
• Display.

DIY Poppies

What you need:DIY Poppies
• 2  coffee filters
• red paint
• paintbrush
•  scissors
• 1 green pipe cleaner
• 1 small one-inch piece of green pipe cleaner
• 1 medium black pom-pom
• white craft glue

What you do:

• Flatten the coffee filters and then paint them red. Let them dry.
• Layer both coffee filters and fold in half.
• Fold in half one again so it is only a quarter of a circle.
• Holding the folded filters at the point, cut both left and right corners off, rounding as you go.  When you open them they will resemble four leaf clovers.
• Place one filter on top of the other, offsetting so that you can see all eight bumps.
• Hold filters together and poke the chenille stem through the center of both filters.
• Leave about an inch poking through and bend it down to secure.
• Holding the “stem”, gather the bottom of the flower up into a cup shape and wrap the small piece of chenille stem around the bottom of the coffee filters. Tighten to secure.
• Open  the flower up and glue the pom-pom to the center. Allow glue to dry completely.
• Gently gather and scrunch the flower in your hand, then release.


Ocean Crafts

 Put your creativity to work with these ocean-inspired crafts for kids and adults alike.

DIY Jellyfish cover


shoebox aquarium


DIY Squid cover


Seashell snails

Brain Coral Reef

Egg Submarine cover


Salty Sinking Water Cover Final

DIY Sock Owl

What you need:DIY Sock Owl
• Sock
• Fiberfill/stuffing
• Scissors
•White felt
• Tacky glue
• Paint
• Brush

What you do:
• Cut the bottom part off the sock all the way up to the heal.
• Stuff the cut off part leaving the top inch empty.
• To make the ear tuffs fold the back side of the cut edge of the sock over the front side and glue it to the front of the owl.
• Poke in the material formed on each side to make the ear tuffs.
• Use a little glue to keep them closed.
• Cut circles for the eyes. Glue them to the face of the owl.
• Cut  the beak from white felt.
• Glue it to the face.
• Color the eyes and the beak.
• Let them dry.
•  Cut wing shapes from sock left overs and glue them to the sides of the owl.


Pressed Flower Art

Pressed FlowersWhat you need:
• Flowers
• Thick book
• Wax paper
• Glue
• Paper
• Picture frame

What you do:
• Put a flower between two pieces of wax paper and stack books on top of it.
• Allow it to sit for a few days.
• Dried flowers are fragile, so carefully remove the flower from the wax paper.
• Glue the pressed flowers to the paper.
• Display.


DIY Cherry Blossom

What you need:DIY Cherry Blossom
• Branches
• Pink tissue paper
• Scissors
• Glue

What you do:
• Gather branches that have fallen outside.
• Let dry.
• Cut out 2-inch squares of pink tissue.
• Pinch tightly in the middle to create blooms.
• Glue the flowers to the branches.
• Display.

DIY Wind Chimes

What you need:Seashells
• 12 Shells
• Ribbon
• Yarn
• Long stick for hanging
• Scissors
• Tacky glue

What you do:
• To make one strand, cut two lengths of yarn about 18 inches long.
•  Tie them together with a knot about 2 ½ inches from one end.
• Make up two more strands in the same way, using different-colored yarn.
• Tie the separate strands onto the stick, spacing them evenly.
•Trim the ends.
• Tie a different piece of yarn to each end of the stick to make a loop to hang on a tree.
• To secure the shells use some tacky glue.