Growing Celery

What you need:growing celery
• A bunch of celery
• A large, sharp knife
• A small dish or plastic container
• Fresh water

What you do:
• With a large, sharp knife, cut off the bottom of your bunch of celery about 2 inches from the base.
• Take the base of your bunch of celery and put it in a small jar or dish filled with about a half inch to an inch of water.
• Wait for a week and see what happens.

Fun Ear Science

What you need:blood flow
• Conch Shell

What you do:
• Hold a conch shell up close to your ear.

What do you hear? It sounds like the ocean. do you think an ocean is in the shell?

blood flow1No!

You are hearing your blood move through your body. Because of its shape, the shell captures the sounds of your blood moving and sends them back to the ear.