Abstract Art

What you need:Abstract Painting
•  Paint (Use colors that mix well together such as blues and reds, yellows and reds, yellows and blues, browns and yellows, etc.)
• Canvas
• Paintbrush
• Water container
• Newspaper

 What you do:
• Start with 1 large white blob in the middle.
• Then randomly apply small blobs of colors all over the canvas.( Make sure to add a lot more white in places too, this will create depth and dimension in your colors).
• Dip your brush in some water and start moving some of the white paint in the middle towards one of your colors.
• Move the paint around and get used to how it blends.
• Start moving into your next color.
• Try to wash your brush every now and then in between every 2 or 3 colors.
• Once your painting is done,  let it dry.