Photo Transfer

What you need:Photo Transfer
• Canvas
• Gel medium
• Brush
• Laser Printed Photo

What you do:
• Coat your surface with a thick, even layer of gel medium – make sure there are not thick clumps or bubbles in the gel.
• Place your laser printed photo face down on the gel medium and press firmly making sure the entire surface of the image is flat with no bubbles.
• Let dry completely.
• Spray with water or use a damp rag to saturate the paper with water.
• Once the surface is wet,  gently start to rub the paper away.
• Continue until all of the paper is gone.  You may need to add more water as you go.
• When the entire image is paper-free, leave it to dry completely.
• Paint  another layer (or two) of the gel medium over the entire image to keep your transfer safe.
• Display!

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