DIY Solar Oven

What you need:Solar oven
• Pizza box, shoe box or shipping box
• Marker
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Black construction paper
• Aluminum foil
• Craft knife
• Bamboo skewer, stick or dowel
• Clear plastic (plastic wrap, plastic sheet protectors, or overhead transparency plastic)

What you need:s'mores
• Using your ruler, measure 1 inch from each side of your box.
• Put a dot on each side.
• Connect the dots.
• Cut three sides with a craft knife.
• Carefully pry open the flap. (This becomes your sun window. )
• Fold the window up along the uncut line (top of the box).
• Grab the aluminum foil and your glue stick.
• Use the shiny side of the foil.
• Glue the foil to the inside of your window.
• Smooth out as many wrinkles as possible.
• Repeat steps 1-4 on the inside of the box.
• Tape the black piece of construction paper on the inside of the box.
• Glue plastic wrap, plastic sheet protectors, or transparency plastic protectors to the underside of the lid. (Try to make the seal as airtight as possible).
• Take your homemade solar cooker outside.
• Place it in direct sunlight.
• Open the flap towards the sun.
• Add your favorite solar oven recipe to the box.
• Close the box.
• Use a bamboo skewer, stick, or dowel to prop the flap open.
• Choose an angle that reflects the most light into the solar box oven.
• Cook! Check your food every 10 minutes. This could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the solar oven recipe you chose and how warm and sunny it is outside.


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