Cool Science

What you need:Cool Science
• Plastic bottle
• Baking sheet
• A cup
• 2 Tablespoons warm water
• 1 Teaspoon yeast
• 1/2 Cup 6% hydrogen peroxide
• 4-5 Drops food coloring
• Squirt of dish soap

What you do:
• Set a plastic bottle in the middle of a baking sheet to catch the toothpaste.
• Mix warm water and yeast in a cupand swirl together for a minute.
• Mix hydrogen peroxide, food coloring and dish soap in your  bottle.
• Pour the yeast mixture into the  bottle…and be amazed!

The reaction is summarized by this formula: 2 H2O2  –>  2 H2O + 02.
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) naturally breaks down into water and oxygen.  It is stored in opaque containers to help slow down this process.  Catalase (an enzyme in all living things, including yeast) speeds up the reaction.  Dish soap catches the oxygen and makes bigger bubbles and the food coloring makes it look cool.  The foam and bottle feel warm because the reaction is exothermic -it releases energy as heat.

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