Chinese Lantern

What you need:
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Crayons, markers
• Stapler or tape

What you do:
• Use the ruler and make a straight line about 3/4″ away from one of the 6.5″ long edges.
• Cut this strip off and set it aside to be the lantern handle.
• Fold the piece of paper in half, lengthwise, making sure you line up all the edges.
• Draw a line along the open, long edge, of the paper, about 3/4″ of an inch from the edge.
• Take your scissors and, starting at the folded edge, cut a strip from the folded edge up to the line you drew.
• Make the first strip about 3/4″ away from one of the short edges and continue to cut several strips along the piece of paper.
• Once all your strips are cut, you should unfold your piece of paper and refold it lenghthwise so the pencil mark will be hidden on the inside.
• Color or embellish the outside of the lantern.
• To assemble the lantern simply roll the paper into a tube shape as shown in the photo above and staple or tape the edges together.
• Using the strip you cut of the paper earlier, attach the handle by taping or stapling the ends of the strip of the paper just inside the top of the lantern.
• Your completed lanterns can be hung up or set on a table for decoration.

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