DIY Slime

What you need:
• Elmer’s glue (most kinds of white craft glue will work)
• 2 disposable cups
• Food coloring
• Water
• Borax Powder
• A plastic spoon (for stirring)
• A tablespoon (for measuring)

What you do:
• Fill one small cup with water and add a spoonful of the Borax powder and stir it up. Then set it aside.
• Fill the other small cup with about 1 inch of the glue.
• Add  three tablespoons  of water to the glue and stir.
• Add a few drops of the food coloring and stir it up until mixed.
• Add one tablespoons of the Borax solution you made earlier and stir well. Watch the slime form!
• After the slime forms let it sit for about 30 seconds and then pull it off the spoon and play with it!

 Tip: Keep your slime in a tightly closed plastic bag when you are not playing with it.

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