DIY Whale

What you need:
• An adult sized white sock
• Glue
• Blue Ribbon
• Google eyes or doll eyes
• Scissors
• Red Yarn
• Fiberfill
• String

What you do:
• Stuff fiberfill into your sock (up to the heel).
• Use string to tie the sock shut at the point that the stuffing ends.
•  Cut off most of the extra material, but be sure to leave a large enough piece behind to create the whale’s tail.
• From the discarded sock material, cut two small triangular pieces and glue to each side of the sock to create fins.
• Glue a googly eye to each side of the whale’s head.
• Glue a piece of red yarn onto the front of the sock to create a smile.
• Glue blue ribbon to the top of the whale so it looks like water spraying out of the top.

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