Papier Mache Mask

What you need:
•  A gallon-sized milk jug
• News paper
• Flour
•  Salt
•  Acrylic paints
• Scissors
• Utility knife

What you do:
• Using  scissors, cut the milk jug along the seam.
• Cut the eye holes with a utility knife.
• Shred newspaper lengthwise in two-inch strips.
• Make simple non-toxic paste.
• Begin with one cup of flour, one teaspoon salt and two cups of lukewarm water.
• Blend the salt and flour. Gradually add the water while stirring to form a smooth paste. Try to dissolve all lumps. Add enough water so you have a thin soup-like consistency.
• Dip one piece of newspaper in the paste.
• Strip the excess liquid by squeezing it between your index finger and thumb.
• Apply to the back side of the jug, beginning at the top.
• Work in one direction.
• Overlap strips of newspaper, smoothing them out with your fingertips to release trapped air bubbles.
• Cover the entire backside of the jug.
• Turn the jug over and cover it with newspaper as well.
• Wrap the handle in strips. Overlap sides.
• Place your mask under a fan or in direct sunlight to dry.
• Base paint your dry mask both front and back using a white or light-colored acrylic paint.
• Wait a minimum one-half hour before applying a second coat of paint to cover newspaper bleed.
• Let dry for one day.
• Paint the face however you desire.

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