Handy Wreath

What you need:
• Construction Paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Pencil

What you do:
• Lay your hand down, fingers apart, and trace around it on several different colors. 
• Cut out a set of twelve hands.
• Tilt each paper hand slightly and arrange the group to form a wreath shape.
• Glue.
• Put the wreath on a wall or door near the table, and be thankful.


  1. Loved it. Going to make the wreath for Christmas.

  2. Rodney P. Eady says

    Magnificent! (As usual. 😛 )

  3. Hello, wonderful idea.

  4. lucatech78 says

    Hi, this is a great post! Thanks..

  5. Brian Moseley says

    Had to tweet this.

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