Pinecone Owls

What you need:
Two pine cones
Brown construction paper
Yellow construction paper
Googly Eyes
All purpose glue

What you do:
1. Take two pinecones and glue them together on their sides, so the base of one of the pinecones becomes the face.
2. Cut two small circle pieces of yellow construction paper. Glue them to the face of your owl.
3. Glue the googly eyes to the yellow construction paper circles.
4. Cut a small triangle piece of brown construction paper and glue between the eyes. This is the owl’s nose.
5. Cut two small triangle pieces of brown construction paper and glue to the top of the owl’s head.
6. Now you got yourself a cute pal.


  1. Baerlocher58 says

    My kids loved the craft. Thank you.

  2. Great idea.

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