Bumble Bee

What you need:
•Egg Carton
•Coffee filter
•Wiggle Eyes
•Chenille Stems
•Craft Glue
•Paint Brush

What you do:
1. To make the bumble bee, start off by cutting a two-cup section from an egg carton, leaving the cups attached.
2. Bend the egg carton cups towards each other so they are rim-to-rim. This will make an oval shape.
3. Glue the the rims together and let dry the glue dry.
4. Trim off any rough edges around the section you glued so you have a nice oval which will now serve as your bumble bee’s body. Paint the egg carton oval yellow and black so it resembles a bee. Let the paint dry.
5. Make wings using coffe filter.
6. Make antenna using chenille stems.
7. Glue wiggle eyes.
8. Paint your bumble bee yellow and black.
9.Let the paint dry.


  1. I am impressed with this project.

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