Bead Flag

What you need:
• 6 Safety Pins Varying Sizes
• 11 White Beads
• 6 Blue Beads
• 7 Red Beads

What you do:
Use five medium safety pins. Open one at a time and put on one white, one red, one white, and three blue pony beads.  Do this to three safety pins.
• On the other two pins put on one white, one red, one white, one red, one white and one red pony beads.
• Open large pin.
• Slide on one medium pin with blue beads. Use top of pin to slide onto large pin. Slide a clear bead next to it.
• Repeat this pattern with the 3 blue beaded pins and end with the red/white beaded pins.
• Close large pin and you should see the American flag in beads.


  1. hi-ya, you have a great website!

  2. Great idea. You can make any flag you want. Thank you.

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