What You Need
• empty egg carton cup
• skinny black chenille, 2″ piece
• 2 small wiggle eyes
• 1 medium black pompom
• colorful acrylic paint
• black acrylic paint
• paintbrush
• white craft glue
• scissors
What you do
• Use scissors to separate egg carton cups, trim the edges.
• Paint egg cartons in desired colors and let dry.
• Glue wiggle eyes on to black pompom and let dry.
• Glue black pompom on to side of egg cup with white craft glue and let dry completely, making sure eyes are facing out and are where you want them.
• Cut the 2″ piece of skinny black chenille in half. Bend the end of each one to form the antennae. Use glue to attach antennas to pompom head.
• Use the handle end of a paintbrush to add black paint dots to the ladybug’s back. Dip handle into paint and pick up a generous amount, then use a drawing motion to add the dot to the ladybug’s back.


  1. It is so cute.

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