May Day Basket

What you need:
• Construction Paper
• Cellophane Tape
• Home-Made Flowers
• Scissors

What you do:
• Cut a triangle shape out of bright colored construction paper. Make the point flat. Roll the triangle into a cone shape and tape the 2 sides together. Trim off any extra paper around the top of the cone to make it even.
• Cut a strip of construction paper that is approximately 12-inches long by 2-inches wide. Tape this strip onto the top of your cone to make a handle.
• Now you can fill the basket with flowers and/or treats. You can make home-made flowers to fill your basket.
• Once your May Day cone basket is done, try to hang it on your neighbor’s doorknob without getting caught!


  1. Barsch2359 says

    Hey there! Thank you for sharing! I wish I saw it earlier.

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