Goofy Glasses

What you need:
An egg carton
• Pipe cleaners
• Markers, paint, faux jewels, stickers, etc.
• Scissors
• Pen
What you do:
• Have your child cut out two egg cells from an egg carton and separate them from each other.
• Help him use scissors or a pen to poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of each of the cells so he can see out of them.
• Next, have him poke two holes along the top outer edge of the egg cells and two on the inside. (You’re creating holes for the bridge and the earpieces of the glasses, so try to line the holes up across from each other.)
• Trim a pipe cleaner to about three to four inches and then loop it through the inside holes to connect the two egg cells together. This pipe cleaner will be the “bridge” of the glasses.
Next, run one pipe cleaner through each of the outer holes on either side of the egg cells. These will be the eyeglass arms and earpieces. You may need to trim them to fit your kid’s head and then bend them to wrap around the ears.
• Now that the hardware is finished, have your kid decorate the glasses in any way he chooses. He can glue on rhinestones, feathers, pom poms, foam shapes or whatever he pleases.


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