Paper Plate Owl

What you need:
• 2 paper plates
• acrylic paint: brown, yellow, white, black, orange
• glue
• scissors

What you do:
• Paint the paper plates brown and let dry.
• Paint circle eyes on one of the plates. Let dry.
• Paint orange triangle for a nose. Let dry.
• Cut one of the paper plates in half for the wings.
• Trim the top of the remaining paper plate to form two ears at the top.
• Glue the wings to the back of the body plate.
• Display.

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Pumpkin Lantern

What you need:
• 8.5×11 orange construction paper
• string or ribbon
• a hole puncher
• a sticker or tape

What you do:
• Cut your construction paper into strips that are equal in length and width.
• Stack the papers and punch holes through the top and bottom of each strip.
• String the strips on your piece of string or ribbon. Seal the string with a piece of tape or sticker.
• String through the top holes.
• Pull the string tight until the paper bows out. Tie off the top (make sort of a bow/messy knot. It just needs to be big enough that the string doesn’t go back through the paper).
• Fan out the strips until you have created a sphere shape.
• Hang your pumpkin.


What You Need
• empty egg carton cup
• skinny black chenille
• 2 small wiggle eyes
• 1 medium black pompom
• black acrylic paint
• paintbrush
• white craft glue
• scissors
• Awl or small Phillips head screwdriver
• wiggle eyes
• glue


What you do
• Cut the egg carton apart into little cups/sections.
• Using the awl or screwdriver, make eight holes in the bottom edge of each section for the legs.
• Paint the egg carton section black. Let dry.
• Cut the pipe cleaners in half.
• Push the pipe cleaner in through one side of the section and out the opposite side. Bend down the legs.
• Repeat for each of the legs.
• Glue black pompom on to side of egg cup with white craft glue and let dry completely, making sure eyes are facing out and are where you want them.