Fall Wreath

What you need:Fall Wreath
• Sticky Glue
• Jute Twine
• Cardboard 9 1/2″ square or larger
• Fall Leaves
• Pencil
• Scissors

What you do:
• Cut a 9″ circle from cardboard.  In the center of this circle, cut out and discard a 5″ circle.  This is the form for your wreath.
• Spray a small patch of glue onto your wreath and wrap the jute twine around it very tightly a number of times.
• After wrapping the initial section of jute twine you can start wrapping it with spaces.
• Once you are a full way around the wreath just keep going, filling in the spaces and making sure you are pulling the jute twine tight the whole time until you don’t have any more foam peeking through.
• After you are finished wrapping all of your jute twine make a small knot on the side you want to be the back and spray a little sticky glue on it.
• Cut the jute twine right after the knot.
• Attach the leaves with the glue.
• Display.

Leaf Craft

What you need:
• Cutting Board
• Acrylic Paint
• Leaves
• Glue
• Glitter Glue

What you do:
• Paint the cutting board brown.
• Let it dry.
• Glue the leaves to the board.
• Let it dry.
• Trace the leaves with the glitter glue.
• Display

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Cabbage Printing

What you need:
• Cabbage leaves
• White construction paper
•  Sponges
• Acrylic Paint

What you do:
• Use sponges dipped in paint to make sky and grass background.
• Let it dry.
• Dip small cabbage leaves in paint and print.
• Let it dry.
• Display

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Leaf Prints

What you need:
• Sketch paper or construction paper
• Acrylic paint
• Paint brushes

What you do:
• Collect leaves of various shapes and sizes.
• Cover your work area with a mat or with newspapers. Prepare different colors of paint on your palette.
• Position a leaf with its under-side facing up and paint on its entire surface.
• Press the painted leaf onto sketch paper or construction paper.
• Remove the leaf to reveal a beautiful leaf print.
• Repeat the process using different colors and other leaf shapes.
• Repeat the process using different colors and other leaf shapes.
• Make overlapping leaf prints to create a colorful leaf collage.

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Leaf Preservation

What you need:
• Old phone book
• Collection of colorful leaves, grasses, flowers, herbs

What you do:
• Take a nature walk with on a clear, dry day.
• Collect any attractive flowers, leaves, grasses, and herbs.
• At home, separate each stalk or blossom, and place between the pages of the phone book. Use a different page for each specimen, spacing them well apart from each other.
• Place the phone book in a cool, dry place for a week to ten days. Your leaves will then be totally dry and ready for use.
• Your phone book/leaf press can be used over and over again. Flowers may be stored in them for several months.