Buttoned Art

What you need: Buttons
• Canvas
• Acrylic Paint
• Brush
• Buttons
• Tacky Glue
• Thread

What you do:
•  Apply white acrylic paint to the canvas in vertical brushstrokes.
• While the paint is still wet, add a few gray lines and blend the colors to create a striated appearance.
• Tie the buttons to the canvas with thread.
• Glue the twine to the back of the canvas stretcher frame to secure.

Button Wreath

What you need:
• Needle-nose pliers or wire cutters
• 16-gauge copper wire, or 22-gauge green floral wire, cut to 9-inch lengths
• 72 buttons for each wreath
• Scissors
• Satin ribbon, 1/8 inch wide and 6 inches long
• Seam binding for decorative bow

What you do:
• Using pliers, make a small loop at one end of the wire.
• Thread buttons onto the wire until you have enough to form the size of the wreath you want. Our wreaths are 2 1/2 inches in diameter.
• Using pliers, bend the plain end of the wire around the looped end. This will form the wreath.
• Use the satin ribbon to make a loop for hanging the wreath; tie the ribbon in a knot about 3 inches above the wreath.
•Tie a bow of seam binding to decorate the wreath.

Fall Button Branch

What you need:
• canvas
• branch
• buttons
• glue

What you do:
1. Glue your branch onto your canvas. I put a very heavy book on top of the branch while it dried to keep it flat to the canvas.
2. Once the branch is glued and dried, start gluing your beautiful buttons on the smaller branches to look like leaves on a tree. Allow to dry.
3. You’re going to want to display this beautiful masterpiece!